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Polyester Nylon Yoyo String (SOFT-TEX/100cts)

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SOFT-TEX (Soft Texture) Outer layer has a soft-silky feel on your hand and reduces string burn during fast trick executions; Lighter on the weight side and no break-ins are needed to achieve neutral tension for your setup needs. Perfect for softer type response pads and starburst plastic response.

POLY-ON (Polyester-Nylon) Yoyo String by Project44 Company

Made with High-Class Polyester-Nylon (POLY-ON) Materials sourced locally and overseas and manually crafted for users. This product includes STRING-LOCK attached for string organizing and convenience.

Available String Colors from Neon to Pastel

Manufacturers Note: We highly recommend for beginners use the MEDIUM TYPE/MID TEX String for all string divisions (1A-2A-3A-4A-5A).

  • Sold by Bundle x100
  • Material: Polyester – Nylon
  • Made in Brunei


STRING LENGTH (per texture)
SOFT-TEX: 131cm
MID-TEX: 127cm
COAR-TEX: 126cm

SLIM: 0.15mm
STANDARD: 0.17mm
MEDIUM: 0.19mm
HEAVY: 0.20mm