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Nylon-EVO Yoyo String (50cts)

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  • Sold in x50 String Counts 
  • Material: Wooly & High Torsion Nylon
  • Manufactured in: Brunei


STRING LENGTH (per texture)
SOFT-TEX: 131cm
MID-TEX: 127cm
COAR-TEX: 126cm

SLIM: 0.15mm
STANDARD: 0.17mm
MEDIUM: 0.19mm
HEAVY: 0.20mm


Back in early April, we released the first version of the nylon-evo for the public masses, and in the same month, we embarked on our biggest transition yet by transferring our manufacturing department to Brunei. The machine for the nylon-evo took us forever to arrive via sea cargo, and now we can manufacture the nylon-evo string with an updated version. 

This new version now has two materials (wooly nylon material and high torsion nylon material). The original version has minor issues during cutting the string and can cause the wooly nylon to unravel quickly. With the new version, we integrated a separate material to eliminate this problem which is using a high-torsion nylon material. 

After multiple test runs with different nylons and manufacturing methods, we successfully made a working product that is ready for the market!

The Nylon Evo is now available on sale via the website in 50-string counts. Comes with a white colorway, three different string textures, and three string types: standard, medium, and heavy.

Produced with two different nylon materials (wooly + high torsion) for competition-grade performance and offers unique feel of gripness and slack ability.