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Economy Grade Yoyo String (Neon/100cts)

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Introducing our latest budget-line product from our yoyo equipment category the Economy-Grade Yoyo String

This is a mono-material string that is made with 100% Polyester sourced from Malaysia and it has its string ability similar to our polyester nylon line but without a nylon blend and at a low-cost price. If you want an affordable bulk string for competition or for long sesh that will not break your bank then this one's for you!

Comes with Four String Types, Three String Textures for your hand feel and response grip preference during play execution, and 10 vibrant colors from neon to pastel to suit your style!

These are now sold in 100 (bulk) and 40 (trial set packs) on our website


  • Sold in Bulk x100
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Made in Brunei


STRING LENGTH (per texture)
SOFT-TEX: 131cm
MID-TEX: 127cm
COAR-TEX: 126cm

SLIM: 0.15mm
STANDARD: 0.17mm
MEDIUM: 0.19mm
HEAVY: 0.20mm