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Mugen Cotton Nylon Yoyo String (100cts)

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MUGEN Looping Yo-yo String (Cotton-Nylon)

Specialized for two-handed setups with a unique blend of cotton and nylon material. We found this blend to be excellent not just in rapid looping but also in wrapping maneuvers thanks to a modern cotton thread that we used; the nylon fiber laced in acts as an extra strong material and grips in the starburst response system firmly. We received positive reviews from our local 2A yo-yo players and we can’t recommend enough this special yo-yo string for modern loopers.

If you also wondering if it works on any wooden fixie yoyos, the answer is yes and if you are an old-school player and you wanted a more durable cotton string then the mugen is perfect for you!


  • Sold by Bundle x100
  • Material: Cotton – Nylon
  • Made in Brunei

STRING LENGTH (per texture)
SOFT-TEX: 131cm
MID-TEX: 127cm
COAR-TEX: 126cm

SLIM: 0.15mm
STANDARD: 0.17mm
MEDIUM: 0.19mm
HEAVY: 0.20mm