OEM Service (Shin Sei Yoyo Supply Manufacturing)

Lum String

Are you looking for custom made yoyo strings for yourself or for your company?
Well look no further, we at project44 offers OEM service for making your signature yoyo string! We offer variety of materials from Polyester, Nylon, Rayon, and Cotton and you may choose any of these materials to create a yoyo string for your specific blend. 
All yoyo strings that we produce are hand made and every batch was tested for quality to ensure the best product before packaging, we've been on the yoyo string manufacturing since 2017 and worked with few companies for making custom blend yoyo strings.
ㅤㅤString Compilation
If you are interested on producing your very own yoyo strings with us, you may reach out via contact us page!
Manufacturing Demo: