About Us

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Project44 is an independent company from the Philippines (Now under management of Shin Sei Yoyo Supply Manufacturing) established back in mid-2017 founded by Art Lanante. We specialized in manufacturing yo-yo accessories by hand (Manually-Crafted) for competitors and hobbyists from Beginner to Professional users. We started as a yo-yo string maker and it’s become known by the community when players from Visayas and Mindanao Region used it to compete in National Yo-yo Contest and secured the titles, few years later we expand our offerings to yo-yo accessories from our product line up. Our brand inspiration comes from Japanese car makers and other media related providing high-class yo-yo equipment for the customers used by national and regional yo-yo competitors. Our goal is to set a new standard of yo-yo equipment at a competitive price and to provide our customers with their specific yo-yo setup to enjoy the yoyo lifestyle more. We dedicated our passion to producing more yo-yo accessories and diversifying our offerings to help people build their skills and to support our local suppliers and vendors in able to create our products possible.
If you receive a Project44 product you’ll know that it is done with quality and passion. Keep on Throwing!