A New Phase - 2024

Happy New Year everyone! (unless if you lived in asia since we are 12 hrs away from NA)

2023 was a very challenging year for us as a independent company, to start things off let’s us share you with our little writeup that we made shall we?

Back in early july we are slowly transitioning our brand from yoyo equipment to yoyo company as this is part of our main goal in the future and make waves through the niche yoyo market. The release of our first flagship yoyo was a success and help us catapult for our future models and we couldn’t thank you enough for showing your utmost support!

We take the leap of faith and diversify our offerings not just producing solely for yoyo strings and accessories but also venturing for designing competitive yoyos with our know-how, adapting new and existing technologies and collaborating with other companies.



Starting this 2024 there will be major changes as we are now a fully pledge YO-YO COMPANY (as the second branding name suggest) under the new parent company as we take over the brand rights from the previous owner (formely owned by Project44 Yoyo Equipment Manufacturing - Philippines) and slowly improving our goods and services to the customers. Look forward for our future product releases soon as we are preparing to unravel what we developed behind the scenes!

This is our first update for 2024 and we apologize if the writeup is bit long and we hope that you’ll continue to support us throughout the years and believing our passion!

Thank you everyone for taking time to read this and P.S we will get back to you regarding for your inquires as we are still in vacation leave.

And remember Ready, Steady, Throw!

- Project44 Yoyo Company