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Vavilos | First Flagship Yo-yo Model

We are proud to announce that we are now making our first flagship model for our yoyo category, introducing the VAVILOS (バビロス).


The Vavilos design concept was heavily inspired by other yoyos like Skyfish, New Valkyrie, Edolass, and Fulvia focused on a competition-oriented play style. It was developed on and off from the CAD software for almost 7 years and there are some multiple profile changes and material iterations until we found a design shape that we liked based on our play feel preference and maneuverability. It has a step straight "V" shape it boasts thick Titanium Rims for longer spin rotation wrapped around the wide 7068 aluminum body profile, it also features a POM (Delrin Material) for a smooth glide on the string and minimizes the string friction around the outer response area for horizontal and rejection tricks with ease.



We tweaked the small edges from the vavilos and curved/softened out the sharp cuts from the inner to outer profile not just to make it comfortable on the hand but also aesthetically look seamless and minimal. On the inner cup, we integrate a convex design similar to yoyorecreation models to accommodate the 10mm M4 axle for thread durability and added center weight for strong bind return even on a low rpm.


The dimensions and weight are standard for modern competition and we choose this specific measurement excellent for both technical and speed style, the name Vavilos came from our favorite classic mid 80's japanese show called the Space Sheriff Shaider (Uchuu Keiji Shaider) as Super-Dimensional Battleship Vavilos and adapt that name from its design shape characteristics.

If you are interested in purchasing our vavilos yoyo, we are now accepting pre-orders starting July 1st comes with Free Shipping Worldwide and other exclusive perks included. This first batch will have a limited run of 20 units.

VAVILOS Pre-orders will be open in these schedules

Preorder time window: From July 1st midnight to July 15th, 11:59 PM Japan Standard Time
USA Eastern Standard Time 11 PM (June 30th)
London 4 PM (June 30th)

Vavilos Ti-7068AL-POM

Diameter: 55.00mm
Width: 48.00mm
Gap: 4.70mm
Weight: 64.00grams
Axle: M4 10.00mm
Response: 19mm
Rims: Titanium
Body: AL7068
Outer response area: POM Delrin
Color: Raw (Titanium Rims), Clear Silver (AL7068), White (POM)
Surface Treatment: Bead Blasted


Project44 Prototype String x100
M4-10mm Stainless Steel Axles x2
Extra response pads x2
Certificate of Authenticity & Exclusive Stickers
Pre-order Price: $̶2̶1̶9̶.̶9̶9̶U̶S̶D̶ | $189.99USD
Limited units: 20pcs

Full disclosure for Pre-Order:
Due to the nature of pre-orders, please noted that this order might take a few months to fulfill. Once we confirmed the orders after the pre-order deadline, The factory will give us the estimated date of manufacturing completion and ship to our address for an extra quality control test. Once it's passed we'll distribute the yoyos to the customers who pre-ordered.

Thank you for your time and interest and we hope that you consider supporting our passion project! It was a dream to us to make a flagship model after many years of refinements and searching our perfect yoyo model and I hope that you'll love our creation.