The Making of Polyester Nylon Yoyo String

This is the first time we share our behind-the-scenes in the production department for making our high-quality yoyo strings, for the past 5 years of operating we always wanted to make a promo video of our string production for a long time and at one point we post teaser photos in social media on how its made but never the whole thing since we are also secretive on our operations (sorry it’s a trade secret).

The machine rig you saw in our video was almost 4 years old and it was still going strong thanks to weekly maintenance and with this, it helps our production a bit easier to make a full batch of 100 pieces of yoyo string in just 44-45 mins hence the number “44” in our brand name (excluding quality control test/inspections, final trimming, and repackaging). The rig alone was one of our most important assets in string manufacturing as it runs 80% of the operation and we could have done it without its help.



We manually crafted every batch of our yoyo strings for your setup needs in competition or hobby from raw materials to packaging sourced from local and import suppliers/vendors, without them we would not able to make our yoyo strings possible.



From the start, we at Project44 have fully committed to setting a new standard in modern yoyo accessories at a competitive price and we hope you try the products that we developed!



That’s all for today’s blog, thank you for reading and as always KEEP ON THROWING!