String Lock Accessory

Introducing our improved accessory the STRING-LOCK, we adapting the latest technology from the existing market and improving the user's experience.

Development was started back in mid-2021 when we noticed that some customers who are struggling to open the bulk string from the tight packaging just to get it, and some are ended up damaging it in the process. And after that we came up with a solution with the main focus of eliminating the struggles of pulling the string from the plastic packaging and adding a hook feature for multipurpose usage.

The first mock-up we did is to put a zip lock tie on the bulk string to emulate the nylon strap from our market competitor and test it with a few possible options with the main goal of successfully releasing the bulk string from the tight packaging; and after conducting the trials we have our answer.

After we got the solution, we scour all over the supply market and find a suitable vendor who is willing to manufacture our desired accessory, and after a few weeks of hunting we ended up with two vendors one from overseas and the other one is the northern part of the Philippines. We send them some sketches and visual references to produce the accessory that we need, it takes months to receive our sample orders and decided to include our first string lock to the local market.

A few customers noticed the added item from their bulk string and it was highly impressed that they can easily pull the bulk string without instructions, and with that in mind we successfully integrated the concept of the string lock mechanism to the masses

We ordered a few batches of thin string locks with a metal carabineer from our local supplier and included them on our yoyo strings, it took a while to fully run out of our thin ones just to make way for the final version that was produced by our overseas vendor and thus the second one was born.

The production of the String Lock's final version takes half a year to produce due to different specifications from materials, size and features. We received the finished product by mid-February and start rolling it out by March!

There are two features of this String Lock, the first one comes with a custom side print for branding and a nylon strap located at the middle part of the bulk string with a custom durable buckle for easy pull and hook mechanism, using this small accessory it improves the user's experience of pulling the bulk string from the packaging with less hassle and eliminates damage to the packaging if you decided to keep it as a souvenir. The second one is the rubber ring located at the lower part of the bulk string and it functions as an extra holder for eliminating the string tangle, it will self-tighten if you continue to pull the vile of strings when you use it for play.

Not only it acts as a pulling accessory but it is also perfect for storing your bulk string in areas with hooks and other household items anywhere you go. This specific accessory is a solution for your string problems for opening and multipurpose usage, these are now included in our latest run starting today!