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Transistional Phase (Story + Pre Order Annoucement)

It's been almost a month since we set to unavailable for our products via the webshop and the reason is because our production-in-charge is now worked in overseas, during the transition phase we face some logistic challenges and some of our equipment for producing our yoyo strings have been currently in transit and it might take a while to arrive to our new overseas location. Our Main HQ is still located in the Philippines for Customer Service assistance but the Production will be moved to Overseas due to my partner (whos in charge of production) now working at the sales department on a 9-5 basis. The good news is he manage to bring our string machine via carry-on package for the Poly-On Series but the rest is shipped via Sea Cargo due to the high volume of parts and materials packed up.

Also, we received a lot of customers who are interested to buy our products after positive feedbacks from various people on Twitter, forums, and recent video reviews specifically on Diego B. Yoyo Things Youtube Channel, now we proud to announce that we are now accepting International orders under PRE-ORDER for one week only starting today! Due to our production-in-charge tight weekly schedule, we decided to set it as a pre-order to produce a few batches for the customers but the product price & shipping cost will remain unchanged but it will eventually change if we start to re-launch in a few months since we are still waiting for the cargos to arrive at the new overseas location. There are a few items that will be available for pre-order and the rest will remain unavailable to purchase so please understand this in advance.

Click here or head out to our Product Section to start copping our Project44 Products!

Thank you for still supporting our independent company with you guys we wouldn't exist and develop some cool stuff for Yoyo supply, many big projects are still in the pipeline for this year's release so stay tuned for more.