June Releases 2023

Starting today our newly renovated website is now available and we are also accepting international orders, there will be a few new products released and some restocks. Our string products are now manufactured in Brunei Darussalam and all materials are sourced from Malaysia & Japan.

Here's our list of the upcoming products this month:

NEW Pastel Violet (x100 Polyester-Nylon Yoyo String/Limited Release for 24 hrs)
NEW Mix Polyester-Nylon Yoyo String Colorways (x100 Neon & Pastel)
Restock Rayon-Polyester Yoyo String (x50 Gold & White)
Restock Polyester-Nylon Yoyo String Colorways (x100 Neon & Pastel)
Restock Mugen Cotton-Nylon Yoyo String (x100 Ivory & Beige)

All of the products mentioned will be available on June 11th - at 1 AM (Japan Standard Time) or check out our countdown banner on the upper part of our website.

Blog writeups will also be posted in our Company Blogs soon to see the details on our transitional phase going to an international country, why we do it and the logistics behind it so stay tuned for more.